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About Us


Wild & Free

Here at Live As Lions we are passionate about offering purposeful products and services for anyone who wants to Live as Lions — Wild and Free.


Living wild and free means discovering your identity and calling, and having the tools to then navigate toward your purpose with passion.


So whether through our podcast, shop, trips or one-on-one coaching sessions, Live as Lions empowers you with those tools. Championing you through your personal growth and development, you'll learn to live life wild and free, like a Lion.

Who We Are



Our mission is to empower people to live wild and free — like a Lion. We want to see people living to their full potential, using self awareness and compassion to move onward and forward, through their personal doubts and fears, so they may pursue their wildest dreams. We seek to create equal access to all LAL resources — with ethical working opportunities for creators, high quality coaching and client relationships, and rooted storytelling from Lions around the world — where each person is thriving, creating an international community of Lions living wild and free.


Live As Lions is run by an international family of dreamers: The Mannchens! 

Our family is a wild pack —  a melding of three great countries —  Germany, China and the USA. As a family, we are passionate about empowering others worldwide to Live as Lions — Wild & Free. 


Uli — born and raised forging his way through Germany's Franconian woods, is a trained and certified coach with the European Association of Supervision and Coaching, which provided him with the highest quality education. Uli's focus is to coach others to their full potential — helping them develop their ideas, dreams, and calling —  so they can reach their goals. His creativity is also responsible for many of the Live as Lions' products and services. 

Liz — born and raised braving the alligators of Florida, is an artist in pursuit of championing others. Through the imaginative worlds of animals, monsters, and beasts, she illustrates, writes music, and crafts products that empower others to live as wild and free. 

Bo Bei — born in China and adopted into our pack, is the driving force and inspiration behind Live as Lions, together we aspire to empower children around the world to live as fearlessly as she does. 

We’ve searched the world to find our lion pack, and now we want to use our talents and passion to champion people around the world to Live as Lions — Wild & Free.





Founded in 2008, musical group Liz and the Lions began using music to narrate tales of people, places, life lessons, experiences, and adventures. Eventually feeling dissatisfied, Liz and the Lions could sense greater potential and became determined to find a way to elevate the band's message of empowerment to an even more wild and free reality. 


Fueled by the purpose of empowering people, Liz and the Lions toured in over 20 countries. While championing fans, the band also used their music to promote social change, sustainability and more, all on behalf of projects in developing countries, to help lift people out of poverty.

Seeing the global effects of this message, Liz and the Lions still believed their music could achieve so much more. So, in 2021, the goals of Liz and the Lions expanded into the brand Live as Lions. 


Now, with purposeful products, music, life coaching, thought-provoking podcasts, and transformative events, Live as Lions is passionate about empowering you to live your most wild and free life.

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