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While all of the Live as Lions’ products are reminders to live wild and free, our Companions are a powerful and engaging new type of tool used to:

  • Build social and emotional intelligence

  • Provide opportunities to learn important life lessons through stress-free play

  • Process complex or traumatic events in a safe, gentle setting

  • Strengthen imagination, which is vital for exploration

  • Encourage children to become inventive and adaptive

  • Allow children to see their role in complex family dynamics

  • Gives whole families the opportunity to express hard to articulate feelings

Companions serve to comfort, encourage, strengthen and empower us to live wild and free — not just for play but also for purpose. So, whether you’re a child, caregiver, coach, teacher, family member, or just someone living wild and free — check out some of our favorite Companions below, and look out for videos on creative and intentional ways to use your new Companions. 

Our Lion Head Pegs Dolls are not just toys; they are the first members of the LAL Companion line. One-hundred percent customizable, these dolls provide families creative ways to integrate new members, express complex emotions and learn through imaginative plays. 


Meet, Your Lion, the newest member of LAL Companion line. Not only do these lions provide your child with the tools to build self confidence and discover their sense of bravery, we have an amazing Buy One Give One program that provides lions to orphaned children who also needs an extra measure of love and encouragement. 

More to come

Keep an eye out for new Companions to join your pack and fun videos on creative ways to use them! 

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