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Before we founded Live As Lions, our family traveled the world in pursuit of empowering people living in poverty and injustice. By supporting and pioneering projects such as children's homes, human trafficking prevention, education, healthcare, micro-businesses, and more, we saw children, families, tribes, and communities transformed. Because of our passion for helping Lions rise around the world, Live As Lions will continue to come alongside those in need and support groups and projects that are working toward self-empowerment and positive social and environmental change. 


Live as Lions’ mission is to love and empower our neighbors around the world by giving them the tools they need to live a full life. We believe our environment is in a dire state of emergency, and it is our responsibility to care for, nurture, and preserve it. We believe that to empower people to live as lions we must empower actual lions to stay alive. It is our responsibility to help build a world that is wild and free — for all. This is why Live as Lions is committed to giving 10% of proceeds from our products and services to projects that serve humanity, the environment, and wildlife preservation. 


Here's where our proceeds are helping the world be more wild and free.


Wild & Free


Live As Lions partners with Nehemiah-Teams to support projects in developing countries worldwide. With the goal of "helping others grow," Nehemiah - Teams promotes the holistic development of people, organizations, and communities. Through projects which provide education, medical, relief work, assistance to children at risk, and more, Nehemiah-Team works in over 10 countries, including Borneo, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Germany, India, Kenya, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Thailand, and Ukraine.


Wild & Free


Live as Lions partners with Plant With Purpose where proceeds go directly toward planting trees. We believe the forest is magical and wood is one of its greatest treasures, so we want to make sure we preserve it! “Plant With Purpose works at the nexus of poverty and environmental degradation to transform the lives and land of farming communities through environmental restoration, economic empowerment, and spiritual renewal. This integrated approach solves two major issues facing the world today: environmental degradation and rural poverty.”


Wild & Free


Live as Lions partners with The Lion Recovery Fund to help rescue, recover, and retain lions worldwide. Lion populations have declined by half in just a quarter-century, but lions can return! We support The Lion Recovery Fund's goal “to double the number of lions by 2050 through deeper and broader actions by the conservation and philanthropic community alike.” TLRF targets protected landscapes, which includes the communal areas within, around, and connected them to those areas — so that lions, their habitats and prey, and people living alongside them can thrive.

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