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Pencil Kit

  • Introducing our Pencil Kit: a nostalgic touch to inspire creativity and spontaneity in both kids and adults alike. This kit features two classic, old-school thick pencils—one in vibrant red and the other in deep blue—each designed to ignite imaginations and encourage the creation of wild and free ideas.


    Whether sketching, doodling, or jotting down notes, these pencils are not just tools but companions on a journey of creativity. The included pencil pocket adds a practical yet charming touch, keeping your pencils safe and easily accessible wherever inspiration strikes.


    Embrace the joy of simple yet impactful tools with our Pencil Kit, perfect for unleashing your inner artist or fostering a love for drawing and writing in the next generation. Let your imagination run wild with every stroke and scribble—a testament to the enduring magic of pencil and paper.


    Unlock creativity. Embrace spontaneity. Dive into the world of possibilities with our Pencil Kit and Live As Lions Wild & Free!

  • Sizes: 

    • 5 cm wide Blue Pencil
    • 5 cm wide Red Pencil
    • One paper packet