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I’m a Photographer and Life Coach dedicated to helping creatives live wild and free.

I started coaching to help creatives get unstuck and successfully unlock their full potential. 


I am committed to working one on one with creatives and highly sensitive people, to help them thrive in their life, career and overall relationships. 

Is This You?

Artists and Creatives often experience the following problems: 

  • I feel stuck in a loop. I have amazing ideas and projects, but I rarely make any substantial progress. 

  • Life feels all or nothing, I’m either pursuing my own dreams or working a job that sucks the life out of me. 

  • I feel alone in my creative pursuit. I need someone who will listen, understand and hold me accountable to unpack my ideas. 

  • I want to make a living with my art/creative work but I don’t know how to monetize it. 

  • I’m really good at identifying my feelings, I think deeply, but I can’t make the necessary actions to heal. 

  • I feel like the odd one out and I’m not sure there is a place for me in society where my skills are embraced and I can make a living. 

feels familiar?

Highly Sensitive People often experience the following problems:

  • How can I pursue an interesting and passionate career that does not suck me dry and leaves me bored? 

  • I have to choose between keeping up with friends and colleagues or missing out on fun and staying energized. 

  • My life is all about surviving. I want to move away from survival mode and begin living fully alive. 

  • I feel like I am stuck in a loop, but cannot identify what I am doing wrong. 

  • I want to be there for my kids, but I’m running myself into the ground, due to a lack of resources and energy. 


  • How do others do it? I always feel like I’m the odd one out. 



  • Professional 1:1 coaching with a EASC certified coach

  • Highly tailored, individual approach and assessments

  • Ability to set and reach goals that may seem unattainable 

  • The self-awareness to find your calling

  • Skills to identify patterns that hold you back

  • Tools that accelerate you forward

  • A deeper connection to your inner child

  • Insight into your enneagram 

  • Confidentiality and respect 

  • In person, online, and text/phone coaching options 

  • A Samwise Gamgee as your sidekick on your journey

What You Will Get
“Uli is a great listener and connector of the things he hears. He’s able to turn that into actionable insights that enable me to avoid interpersonal and professional challenges that get in the way of me thriving.”


Image by Sebastian Unrau