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Wild & Free Doll Black

  • We're not raising princesses; we're raising lions: Wild and Free little girls.  


    Sporting their rock n' roll jean jackets embroidered with "Wild & Free" and lightning bolts, these handmade heirloom quality dolls are designed to remind your Little Lion to live Wild & Free.  


    We're here for little lions to run Wild and Free in a world that values and empowers them. For wisdom and discernment to be fostered, identity hunted, and conformity avoided. For beauty to be sought through character and individuality. For beliefs and dreams to be unapologetically fought for. For rebellious love, controversial generosity, soft hearts, and thick skin. For mischief and making magic to be had. We're here to raise Lions. 


    Wild & Free Dolls are handcrafted and made in Moldova by a group of human trafficking survivors. 


    While we want to give you tools to help empower your little Lions to live Wild & Free we also want to empower children around the world in need of the same message.  A portion of every doll purchased will provide protection for a little girl in Thailand who is subject to human trafficking and child prostitution. 


    Human trafficking and child prostitution in Thailand are unfortunately still among the acute dangers to which girls from poor backgrounds are exposed and subject to being abused or sold.

    The Home of Blessing in the north of Thailand, whom we partner with, addresses this problem and offers endangered girls between 6 and 18 years old alternatives through housing, education, support, and educational work. 

    • Designed by Live As Lions
    • Handmade by Humantrafficking survivors in Maldova
    • Organic Cotton
    • All new material
    • 30cm 
    • Hand washable with a cloth
    • Available individually as Asian, Black, and Mixed race dolls