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Lion Head Peg Dolls

PriceFrom $15.00
  • Lion Pack peg dolls are created to help children (and grown-ups!) to live brave, wild and free, like a lion. Life is a battle, and daily we must suit up with our armor for battle. Help yourself or your children face challenges and fears with these creative tools


    An Educational Tool

    Your custom Lion Head Peg Doll is similar to figures used in systemic coaching and systemic constellations. Using the Peg Dolls by placing them on a table or board allows participants to visualize their perspective of the family system, work environment or any other relationships. By using and playing with the distance between the individual Lion Head Peg Dolls, the direction in which they look, and the overall positioning on the board, they can be used to:


    • Express emotions towards each other
    • Gain awareness of established relationships and structures
    • Give the ability to think, feel and understand the perspectives of another person in the constellation
    • Visualize current relationship dynamics
    • Enable a solution-oriented creative process
    • Sizes: 

      • Woman: 3 1/2" Tall x 1 1/2" Diameter

      • Man: 3 9/16" Tall x 1 1/8" Wide

      • Child: 2" Tall x 7/8" Diameter

    • Wood sourced from sustainably harvested forests in the USA and abroad

    • Completely lead free

    • Non-toxic paint and sealants

    • Not for children 3 or younger

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